Big Brother Catch-up

April 6, 2008

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It’s been a relatively non-dramatic week in the Big Brother House and the house guests seem to be pretty comfortable with their love/hate relationships with each other. They really pulled together to win the food competition, so you know they can still function together as a team. But when it comes to nominations and HoH and POV competitions, it’s balls to the walls. Spoilers and reviews after the jump:

  • Joshuah is out. Voted out last week 3-1. He was a bit surprised, thinking it would be 2-2 and Natalie would keep him. Sorry Joshuah…you’ll have to go find some other women to scream at. Maybe at Chelsia in the sequester house? She actually deserves a good screaming at, doesn’t she?
  • Adam wins HoH. This guy is a survivor, but in the “lucky” sense. He needs to watch how he treats everyone this week so it doesn’t haunt him next week.
  • ryan sheila natAdam was going to nominate James and Sharon, but James broke down and cried and got him to change his mind.
  • Adam nominates Sheila and Sharon. Sheila is pissed. Sharon saw it coming. Adam said he was giving James a chance and if he didn’t win the POV, then he’s going home. James liked those odds, until…
  • Ryan wins POV. Sheila is relieved as she “knows” that Ryan will use it to save her. The plan then is to have James back-doored. James is taking it a little better this time, rather than getting all sad and mopey. This is a smart move if he has any chance of staying, because the reast of the house guests have repeatedly told him how much of a drag he is when gets all negative and lame.
  • jamesJames does some campaigning to stay in the house vs Sharon. Might as well, since he has nothing to lose.
  • Adam talks about his foreskin and has mock sex to a reluctant Sheila (clothed, etc…probably just to bug her).
  • The house guests get toys to play with, like RC trucks, play-dough, etc. It must be mind-numbing to be in that house, really.
  • The 24/7 feeds are still where it’s all at. Click the links to the right and get ‘em started. First 2 weeks are free.


2 Responses to “Big Brother Catch-up”

  1. carri on April 9th, 2008 12:35 am

    We love you, James!!!

    please, don’t make him go; please, CBS….one more twist; have this week’s nom’s and veto’s null and void!!

    how are you doing? sometimes you look so sad.

  2. John Murphy on April 16th, 2008 3:54 am

    Sheila; How can you justify acting like a Judas? First you lie to Natalie to get the H.O.H. given to you. Then you lie through your ass to Natalie telling her how much you like her and not to worry. Then you tell America how stupid she is.
    Thats not stupid, it’s just her being nieve for trusting a liar!

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